Havinton Signature Watch Roll Case Box Classy Brown

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  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Havinton Watch Roll is designed to store three watches with diameter below 60mm.
  • Havinton Watch Roll offers the perfect storage solution for your watches and keep them safe when you are on the move. Havinton Watch Roll is the perfect travel companion for your beloved watches.
  • Havinton Watch Roll allows watches to be secure in a high quality, pristinely handcrafted Watch Roll. A flat base allows for secure placement on any hard surface. A safe and elegant storage solution to store your watch.
  • The interior of our Havinton Watch Roll is made of outstandingly buttery soft and smooth Havinton Signature F9 Velvet Flannel for maximum protection against scratches with three interior removable watch pillows for easy access.
  • The exterior of our Havinton Watch Case is made of the finest Havinton Signature V12 Prime PU Leather to provide you with the most premium experience.
  • Havinton Watch Pillow is made of premium and extremely soft memory foam, then expertly handcrafted with the luxurious smoothest Havinton Signature F9 Velvet Flannel. This makes the entire watch pillow expandable, flexible, allows our Havinton Watch Case able to suit watches in any different wrist sizes without adding any tension to the watch bracelet or strap.
  • Havinton Signature Rail Sliding System will prevent your watch accidentally falling off from the Watch Case. Each timepiece is encased in an individual compartment that floats inside the Watch Case which allows for maximum safety against damage.  
  • Four external snap buttons make sure that the Watch Box stays closed, which makes it perfect to keep your watches safe and allows our Watch Box to become your perfect travel companion.
  • This Havinton Watch Box is the perfect travel companion and storage solution for your watches when you want to bring three watches with you.
  • Havinton offers high quality Watch Box that are made to survive the trials and tribulations of travel and keep your beloved timepieces safe.
  • The Watch Holder is for all watch experts and collectors. Whether for a safe travel protection or a sophisticated display to showcase your favourite pieces, Havinton Watch Holder is a home for your watches.